Dr. R.R. Sinha Memorial Hospital


Family Planning Clinic


  1. The clinic provides free counseling and services for the General OPD Cases as per the guidlines of the Government of India a cafeteria approach is provided which includes all members for spacing and permanentcmethods of sterilization. Condoms, Copper T, Oral contraceptive pills (Mala-N) and emergency contraception tablets are provided free of charge in the General OPD.
  2. Female (tubectomy) & Male (vasectomy) Sterlisation operations are done using the latest techniques, Investigation & medicines are given free. Sterilizations, Copper T insertion are done and oral contraceptive pills and condoms are distributed free of costs to the acceptors , free iron tablets and tetanus immunization is given to ante-natal cases.
  3. A well baby clinic is also run under the family welfare programme where free immunization is provided covering all vaccine preventable diseases: Viz-polio, diptheria, tetnus, mumpn and rubella , hepatitis B, typhoid, BCG, ORS packets, Vitamin A, Iron/Folic acid tablets are given free to the children. Consultation, medicines and investigations are provided free at these clinics , free transport is provided for sterilization acceptors and those requiring hospitalization.The Department takes active part in all Govt.