Dr. M.C. Saxena College of Medical Sciences

Fee Refund M.B.B.S. Course (2015-16)

Consequent to the order passed on 24.09.15 by the Honourable High Court of Allahabad,Lucknow bench in W.P No.(6703 of 2016 ) the students were admitted and subsequently in March,2016 the Honourable Supreme Court set aside the impugned order and remanded the case to Allahabad High Court for adjudication and pass appropriate orders .

  The students filed petition in High Court which allowed fee deposited by the students to be refunded vide order dt. 1-12-2016 in W.P.(513,516,519,520) This order was challenged by the students in Supreme Court which dismissed their petition on Dt. 10-10-2017 The detailed order is appended as Annexure I & II.Accordingly,the fee is being refunded to the students by the college.Now , in order to facilitate refund it is made digitised/online:

Court Orders

Refund Application

Name  Gender Father's Name
Mother's Name Address   Mobile
Aadhar No.   PAN No. A/C No.  
BankName   Branch IFSC Code
Fees Deposit   Cheque No/DD No/Cash   Date of Payment
Fees Refunded(Give RTGS/DD/NEFT Detail along with dated and A/C No. with Bank detail)
Relationship with standerd Pan Card  holder/beneficiary where a/c RTGS/NEFT to be done. OutStanding Balance
Please attach the scanned copy of the reciept issued by the college so as to varify the claim